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24-840 Turnout control switch

24-840 Turnout control switch

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  • These simply clip On to The Side Of The Kato Controller And You Then Just Plug The Point Lead & Plug Into The Socket at The Rear (Square & Round Pegs, So You Cant fail To Get It Right! ) And "Hey Presto" You Have a Fully Working Electric Point!! (No Soldering, No Cutting Or Drilling Holes, No Scrambling About Under Baseboards & No Swearing When You Burn your Fingers or Bang Your Head!!)
  • They Then Clip Together So You Can make a "bank" of switches with only one power supply (as far as We Know There Is No Limit To The Number). They Also Have a "Memory" setting So If You Change the Point Manually Next Time you Use The Switch It Will Only Throw Point when Its In The Correct position.
  • If You Are Not Using The Kato Controller Then Use A 24-842 AC-Dc Converter And connect This To Your Accessory output On your Controller And Then Build Up your bank Of Switches.


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