N Scale Links



http://austnscale.blogspot.com/ N Scale blog from our very own Rob of AUST-N-RAIL

http://victorian-nscale.blogspot.com/ Great blog from the Victorian N Scale Collective

http://nscalemaffra.blogspot.com/ Another modeller shares his N Scale adventures


Prototype Photos

http://www.victorianrailways.net/ Mark Bau's VR website

http://www.pjv101.net/index.htm Peter J Vincent's website

http://www.nswrollingstock.com/nswrollingstock.htm NSW rolling stock (archive)


Making Decals

http://www.xs4all.nl/~robdebie/models/decals.htm Great advice for decal making


Other Manufacturers

http://www.nscale.org.au/manufacturers List of manufacturers from N Scale Modellers Australia

N-Trains (we stock these)

Peter Boorman Models (we stock these)

Kerroby Models (we stock these)


Other Sites of interest

Aust-N-Scale Modellers newsletter

Victorian N Scale Collective


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