About Us


AUST-N-RAIL manufactures, wholesales and retails Australian prototype N scale model trains. We also retail other Australian manufacturers and stock products from overseas that are appropriate to Australia.

We have been servicing the N scale community since 1993.

ABN: 21163426275

About Rob

Rob Carpenter

Rob Carpenter started his model train obsession as a teenager, initially with some American HO, quickly moving to attempting to make Australian trains. In his early 20’s he moved to N scale, modelling German and then UK prototypes after initial disappointment at the lack of Australian N scale models on the market.

In 1992 he joined the Victorian N scale Collective and began scratch building models, which led to requests from other modellers. In 1993 he started AUST-N-RAIL, selling his own creations but also importantly to act as a hub for finding models from the other small manufacturers. In 1996 he moved onto the internet, opening the AUST-N-RAIL website.

With the advent of a young family, increased work pressures and a desire to reach a larger audience Rob launched the first mass-produced ready-to-run Australian freight wagon, the  GY, in 2007. This was followed by a range of other wagons. Due to the high cost of injection moulding for locomotives he developed a hybrid approach using mechanisms from US manufacturers together with polyurethane bodies cast and decorated in China from masters developed by Rob in Australia.

In recent years Rob has embraced the use of 3D drawing and printing technologies, a technology area he has monitored since 2001.

Today Rob continues to champion Australian N scale through providing AUST-N-RAIL products; products from a range of local and international suppliers; advice; and hopefully a little inspiration through his modelling, blogs and webpage. 

Rob works full time and is frequently travelling for work, which can cause sometime lengthy delays, please feel free to send gentle reminders via email!