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Tam Valley Depot SwitchWright DCC Red/Green


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SwitchWright - Servo-based switch machine.  Compact, versatile and powerful, the SwitchWright is a simple and easy to under the table switch machine.  Complete with DCC and a DPDT relay for powering the frog and other accessories.  Can be controlled with a ready-to-mount fascia controller with indicator LEDs or use a toggle switch.  Control panels are simple with our plug-in controller - no soldering needed.
Want DCC control?  A builtin DCC stationary decoder allows you to use DCC, a pushbutton or both.
Multiple Controllers?  Just use a Y cord and you can add a second controller.  A second Y cord and you can have 3 controllers.
Crossover and passing sidings with single button control?  You can use a Y cord to add a slave machine that will move in parallel so you can move two turnouts with one button.   Ideal for controlling crossovers and passing sidings.  Double crossover?  Just add 3 more slaves with Y cords and all 4 points of a double crossover can be controlled with one pushbutton.
Based on an RC servo the SwitchWright is only 1.5” tall and 2” wide with a 3” actuating wire. 

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