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Tam Valley Depot Fascia Controller Mount


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Fascia Controller Mount

Made of precision 1/8" thick laser-cut acrylic, these mounts can be used to neatly mount your fascia controllers. Simply use a 1-3/8" hole saw to place on your fascia. The four included screws hold it securely in place and the recess keeps the button safely out of the way of bellies. The dark plastic makes the LEDs stand out. Comes as a kit that includes the 2 pieces and 4 screws. The pieces can be easily glued together with solvent designed for acrylic such as Weldon 3. (MEK and other styrene glues will NOT work). Just put the pieces together and flow a small amount of solvent on with a brush. Can be spray-painted a different color or used as is.
Size 1.5" x 1.5" x 1/4" deep (without parts mounted).

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