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Lenz Starter Set 100


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Advanced NMRA DCC Features - 9999 locomotive addresses, Advanced Consisting, Double Heading, access to all 14 NMRA DCC functions, 14 27 28 or 128 speed control, programming on the main, support for all forms of service mode programming plus the ability to reset decoders to factory default, support for 1024 accessory decoders addresses, layout feedback, RailCom, separate programming track outputs and much more.

Smart Locomotive Address Allocation - 2 digit, 4 digit, basic addressing, extended addressing. With all the choices DCC can be confusing.  Not so with V3.6!   With your Set-90 or Set-100,  you simply select an address by entering the locomotive address and the system automatically decides the form of addressing to use to control the decoder. You can also automatically store the 8 most frequently used locomotive addresses in the LH90 stack for an even easier recall.

Smart Consisting - Smart consisting is a form of advanced consisting, where the command station maintains a database of the consist information.  This allows the Engineer to operate the consist from either the consist address or from any locomotive address from within the consist.  To make the operation even simpler the operator can scroll between any locomotive within the consist using a single key.  This allows easy access to function control from any locomotive from within the consist.  It also allows you, as the engineer, to go to any locomotive cab to run your train.

Smart One-Step Programming - DCC is rich in features but sometimes this richness makes it hard to use.  With our Smart One-step programming the system sets all the required CVs for you.  For example, when you want to set the decoder's address you enter any number from 1-9999.  From this value the system decides for you what CVs to set and sets them all for you in a single step.

Smart Function Control - The LZV100 supports the control of all 28 DCC locomotive functions. Using an LH100 or LH90, you can easily configure any of the functions between F1-F28  to be either on/off or momentary for each individual locomotive.  The database within the LZV100 remembers this between operating sessions and is usable with any XpressNet device that supports this feature.

Smart Layout Feedback Control -  The LZV100 has full support for layout feedback and remembers the last setting made for each accessory decoder so that all devices know what the last turnout position that was thrown even if the decoder does not support layout feedback.  This also works for signaling and other layout control features.

RailCom -    The LZV100 is equipped with a built in full RailCom detector.  This means you will not have to purchase a lot of extra system hardware to take advantage of this exciting new technology.  The NMRA is still finalizing the RP so we will not release the software till the spring. 

Dynamic Locomotive Queuing - V3 has unprecedented performance and is designed for precision sound control. Function control and speed changes are sent to the locomotive immediately, while refresh packets are sent as time permits.  All 31 operators can be performing sound control without any perception of latency delay.

XpressNET Control Network - Both sets support the advanced XpressNET system network for high speed access to all system devices.  XpressNet is a open network designed on industry proven network products with a network protocol tailored to DCC.  The distributed nature of our network allows others a wide variety of different styles of handhelds to  be used.  That's because the user interface is the responsibility of the handheld while the state of the layout is the responsibility of the command station.  For backward compatibility the LZV100 also supports the older X-Bus protocols allowing you to operate either style of device on the network. 

Expandable - While you may never need it we have designed our new sets to grow throughout the life of your model railroad empire.  This lets you have access to a large multitude of devices from a growing set of DCC manufacturers, who support XpressNET.  For more information on available options check out our XpressNet gallery.

Growth - Upgrading through software enhancements is a hallmark of DIGITAL plus systems. There have been a lot of advances in DCC since we introduced our advanced 14 speed step 5 function system in 1993.  Because we understand that more advances are yet to come, we design each of our devices with the understanding that because technology changes our users deserve the comfort of knowing their Digital plus system will not be obsolete any time soon.  Users who purchased our systems in 1993 still enjoy the latest DCC features with their systems because of these upgrades.

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