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Comeng Suburban Passenger Train

ANR 3990

$190.00 inc GST

Not currnetly available

This is a kit of a Comeng Suburban train. It includes two motor cars, a trailer car (which needs to be powered by a mechanism sourced seperately), Microtrains bogies and couplers and decals for "The Met" from 1984 onwards.


The Comeng cars (made by Commonwealth Engineering in Dandenong) were built between 1981 and 1989.  Delivered in the VicRail orange livery they were repainted to the green and gold of “The Met” from 1984. They are still in service in a modified version.


This model is from a master made in a 3D printer, drawn in 3D by David Palmer of Brimbank Models, based on plans and photos.  It consists of two motor cars (with driver compartments) and a trainer car. For this model the trainler car is powere and the two motor cars free wheel.

 There are a range of options for the mechanism from Japanese sources. In order of utility, Tomytec TM-16, Tomix 0664 (DT33N Power Unit) and Tomytec TM-17 give you a few options. Some slight modification to the mechanism and light sanding may be required to fit the mechanisms in. 

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